Sex scandal: BJD leaders quiet; Dama Rout says silence best policy


Bhubaneswar: Even after a ban on the sex tape allegedly featuring Mayor Jena, there have been no statements from BJD members regarding his position in the party yet. While party supremo Naveen Patnaik is known for his strong action against any member against who such allegations surface, so far there has been no official reaction regarding Jena’s scandal.

BJD minister Ashok Panda said Jena played a major role in earning the Smart City tag for Bhubaneswar and these allegations must have been brought by Opposition parties out of jealousy.

While BJD spokesperson Pratap Deb clarified that the party is waiting for the report of the probe by police into the allegations against Jena and will take any decision thereafter, veteran leader Damodar Rout has not failed to make a sarcastic remark. On Friday, Rout said that silence is the best policy in such a situation because there is fear of punishment.

“Such allegations are part of political career,” said Rout referring to an allegation against him in 1994 when an Adivasi woman named Basanti Bara had brought allegations against him which did not stand for lack of evidence after investigation.

When asked about moral responsibility of Mayor to resign from his post, he said gone are the days of Lal Bahadur Shastri who had resigned from the post of Railway minister following a train accident in Bihar. “Today they don’t resign even after being kicked,” he said.

Meanwhile Opposition leaders demand his resignation.

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