Separated twin Jaga takes sunbath at Delhi AIIMS


Bhubaneswar: In recent pictures released by AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi, one of the Odisha’s separated conjoined twins –Jaga was seen moving around the premises of AIIMS on wheel chair.

The AIIMS authorities informed that Jaga’s health condition has improved considerably and he has already recovered 98 percent. They further informed that he is under constant medical supervision and is even taken out to have a sunbath daily.

However, the other twin Kalia’s pace of recovery is slow and it would take about six months to recover completely but his health condition is stable.

The AIIMS authorities also stated that Jaga and Kalia will be back to Odisha in the first week of March but however the decision rests with their parents whether they want to keep the kids in New Delhi or take them back to the home state.

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