SEC announces compensation for election officials


Bhubaneswar: The State Election Commission has announced compensation in case of accidents for officials during the upcoming panchayat elections duty. If any official dies on duty their family will receive a compensation of upto Rs 20 lakh on death and upto Rs 10 lakh if permanently handicapped.

The announcement comes after panchayat election officials have raised concern over working in Maoist dominated areas where they get threats frequently. The compensation covers the officials even in cases of attacks, bombings and injuries due to acts of extremism.

The SEC has said that the compensation can be claimed by all central, state government employees, corporation employees, government and private drivers, helpers, policemen. The Commission has divided them into two groups.

Under Group A, officials designated in voting and counting process, poll supervisors, magistrate, police homeguard, forest guard, village guard and government and private drivers have been included while only central policemen have been included in Group B.

Rs 20 lakh compensation has been fixed for incidents caused by miscreants during election duty while in any other mishap, the compensation will be Rs 10 lakh.

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