Seashore chit fund scam: CBI conducts 25 raids


Bhubaneswar: In connection with the Seashore chit fund scam, CBI today conducted 25 raids at various sites including Balasore MP Rabindra Jena’s house in Bubaneswar and Balasore; MLA Prabhat Biswal’s houses as well as a former Naveen Niwas official Saroj Sahoo’s houses.

Both Biswal, his wife Laxmibilasini and Rabindra Jena as well as Saroj Sahoo’s links with Seashore have been explored by CBI with interrogations multiple times, including questioning in December 2016, last. Today, the sleuths raided Biswal’s quarters as well as privately owned properties in Cuttack and other regions of the state.

Raid on Jena’s Balasore and Bhubaneswar houses could lead to further trouble for the MP who has been linked with the chit fund scam since the beginning of the probe by CBI.

Jena allegedly availed a loan of about Rs 18 core for Supratik Companies from Seashore group in 2010. He however claims to have repaid the amount in 2013. Jena was also the Co-CEO of Balasore Alloys from 2007 to 2009 and later became the MD of the company.

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