Sealed Kalyan Mandaps under CMC continues with parties and celebrations


Cuttack:  It was during last year that Cuttack Municipal Corportaion (CMC) with the combined effort of Cuttack Development Authority and traffic Police had many a Kalyan Mandaps in the city. Now allegations have now been raised that the some of the sealed Kalyan Mandaps are operating illegally even after getting notice from High Court.

Basing on the High Court direction, around 104 Kalyan Mandaps in the city were issued notice to shut down.  The mandaps were sealed on the grounds of not adhering to the civic norms, lack of safety measures and inadequate parking space causing huge chaos in the traffic system whenever a function was hosted.

Earlier CMC has filed a petition in the High Court against these mandaps. As per the norms of CMC, the mandaps should use 40 percent of the total space towards parking area. However, the old mandaps were allowed with 20 percent towards parking space.

However, who are now running the mandaps illegally have claimed of possessing the required space for parking, as notified by CMC. But on examination, it was found that the mandaps who have specified the parking place is not viable. The place actually does not belong to them. In order to fulfill the criteria fixed by CMC, they have reportedly included someone else plot under their province.

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