Schoolgirl beheaded in front of school by stalker in Madhya Pradesh


Bhopal: In a spine-chilling incident, a Class 11 girl student was beheaded outside her school in Madhya Pradesh while she was on her way to appear an exam.

The teenage girl was attacked by a stalker on Thursday afternoon with a sword at a village in Anuppur, around 540 km from Bhopal.

She was attacked when she was about to enter the school premises for a biology practical exam at around 12.30 pm. According to the police, no one but a teacher saw the attack.

The teacher reportedly saw a man rushing towards the girl from behind and striking her thrice with a sword. The man then dropped the sword and ran away. The school is a little out of town and there weren’t too many people around.

The witness who is a 63-year-old teacher said that she could not see clearly as she wasn’t wearing her spectacles and was at some distance from the spot.

On being informed by the school authorities, police recovered the body and the sword used in the crime.

The police questioned a suspect based on her family’s information, but the investigation turned on its head when the police received news of another death. A young man was found hanging near the girl’s village.

The gruesome killing in a public place in broad daylight has left the town horrified and afraid.

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