SC dismisses pleas on appointment of DGPs


New Delhi: The apex court on Wednesday has dismissed the pleas of five states seeking modification last year’s order on selection and appointment of DGPs.

The court is hearing applications of various state governments, including Punjab, Kerala, West Bengal, Haryana and Bihar, seeking implementation of their laws regarding the appointment of DGPs.

The Supreme Court  bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said the directions on selection and appointment of DGPs were issued in public interest. He said this will help police officials from unnecessary  political interference.

DGPs Suresh Arora (Punjab) and B S Sandhu (Haryana) were due to retire on December 31 last year and will now remain in office till January 31 according to the earlier order of the apex court.

It is worthwhile to mention here that several states were seeking modification of the apex court’s earlier order which is mandatory for them for UPSC  concurrence in short-listing the names for appointing DGPs.

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