Rishi’s friends receive life threatening calls


Bhubaneswar: Mayor Ananta Narayan Jena’s sex scandal case linked with Rishi’s murder case had taken a new twist when two of Rishi’s friend had disclosed some important information to the police department. But a day after sharing the information with the police, the duo has received life threatening calls from unidentified persons.

His friends had revealed the information to the department with a condition of anonymity and had said that their life is at risk. They had quoted that Rishi’s death had direct link with the viral sex video allegedly involving the Mayor.

But soon after giving their statement to the media and the police department, they has been receiving life threatening phone calls and said that the calls were coming from various unknown numbers threatening them to take their lives.

However, the commissionerate police have assured all security to both of them. Police Commissioner YB Khurania said that ample security would be provided to the duo for sharing such vital information with the department.

Earlier Rishi’s friend had also quoted that the video was recorded by his girl friend. But with the investigation process continuing with the Mayor’s link with the viral video, the police department has failed to find any whereabouts of his girl friend.

Meanwhile the BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party) has demanded that the police while expediting the probe on Rishi’s death, must interrogate the second person who is seen in the video clip.

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