Rise of sex robots blamed for falling birth rates in Japan


Experts have blamed the popularity of love dolls and sex robots for Japan’s declining birth rate. Japanese people had become “an endangered species” as the nation falls in love with silicon women, one scientist claimed.

The worrying trend of sex doll addiction has been revealed in an RT documentary called Substitutes that focuses on how life-size love dolls – fake versions of women with silicon vaginas—are fuelling “a national mood of loneliness and alienation,” a Deccan Chronicle reports read.

Last year, a doll firm revealed it had sold more than 2,000 smutty sex machines (valued at £4,600 a pop) in Japan alone while sex dolls aren’t exclusively a Japanese phenomenon.

It indicates that the sales in the country are booming. However, the rise of silicone sex dolls is worrying some experts for declining birth rates. They blame the sex dolls partially for the falling birth rates.

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