OneRepublic wows Mumbai


“OneRepublic”, the American pop-rock band was formed in 2002. The current 5 members of OneRepublic have been together since 2007, and it was with great fun and joy that Ryan Tedder and his team performed their Indian debut on 21st April 2018, meeting the high expectations with aplomb.

Mumbai is fast becoming an event centre for global music and superstars of the world and the reasons are simple. It’s a cosmopolitan place which is easily accessible with good connectivity. More important, stars enjoy performing to huge crowds and that is ensured by the music-lovers of Mumbai. Finally, the music lovers are knowledgeable and starts enjoy it when thousands sing along with them.

The venue of the show was “the Dome”, NSCI, Worli. Originally the venue was supposed to be MMRDA grounds, BKC and it was changed to “the Dome” 10 days before the event.  Probably, this change of venue could have been advertised a bit better as apparently many music-lovers had headed for BKC and had to then take a 45 min detour. Ryan Tedder however stole the hearts of all by saying “Thanks for showing up, the change of venue was unforeseen, and its good you all still managed to come”.

The evening started, as with most such events, with long never ending queues. What I have seen is that organisers usually advertise a particular time for gates to open, and generally do not stick to that. Here too, it was written that entry will be at 5.30 pm, and finally entry was around 6.45-6.50 pm. Organisers of future events may like to think about this aspect. Yesterday however, the wait was made quite better as the event partners distributed their delicious fruit water free to all. Remaining hydrated at such events in summer is a challenge, and thanks to the organisers for taking care of this aspect.

Finally the show started with dynamic Mumbai band OnEmpire who were super in their energy, audience connect and most important- their music. Lead vocalist Zarir Warden was excellent as were the musicians and he said that it was an honour for them to share the same stage with OneRepublic just a year after they started.  Loy Mendonsa ( Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy fame) mentors OnEmpire and I feel we are going to hear a lot about them in days to come.

Finally the moment all waited for came. OneRepublic started their show around 8.30 pm and in 90 electrifying minutes rocked the show. Some of the popular numbers belted out were Something I need, If I lose myself, Wherever I go, I lived, Secrets and It’s too late to apologise. The audience connect was excellent, and it was amazing to see even seated audience all standing up and singing and dancing along with Tedder.

Tedder won hearts by repeatedly using Hindi words like “Namaste India”, “Shukriya Mumbai”, “Kaise ho” and so on. He said that its one of the most last minute international shows they have ever done and it was nice that so many turned up for the event. Tedder also said that he had been wanting to come to India ever since he was ten, and he and his band had a lovely time in the last 3 days and were looking forward to more visits to India and visiting Rajasthan and Goa and other places. He said that Guitarist Zaffrey Filkins was looking to buy a house in India and wants to visit soon with family.

OneRepublic gave a touching tribute to young 28-year-old musician Avicii who passed away a few days back by singing his most famous song “wake me up “.

There was an ending before the ending. When the show ended, the entire crowd started chanting “Counting stars”, “Counting stars” over and over again until the band came back and did just that. They performed “Counting stars” and did so beautifully.

Good news for OneRepublic fans who missed yesterday’s show. Tedder has signed off on his Instragram account, “Beautiful place, amazing people, lovely food, see you again soon”.

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