Rejection of Negotiation Committee shows dual mindedness on Mahanadi row: Pradhan


Bhubaneswar: On one side when the State Government had approached Centre and Court’s intervention to sort out the highly controversial Mahanadi row, on the other hand it has rejected the Negotiation Committee for the same showing its dual mindedness, Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday said criticizing Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Pradhan said CM has never thought for the welfare of the state but has always been more focused on political gains.

Speaking on changing stance on the row, Pradhan said meetings to sort out the dispute had been done on two occasions both on CM level and Secretarial level but every time the government had changed their views after the meeting.

Once the CM agreed to the proposals during Ministerial level tripartite meeting but after coming out of the meeting he changed his views. Even after understanding the gravity of situation, CM is still not trying to access for any solution.

Similarly the Chief Secretary also did the same thing. He might have done that on cue from some random official from the third floor of secretariat.

The Chief Minister himself had been to Delhi for ten times in last 6 months or so but he never spoke on the water dispute issue to the Prime Minister. This attitude is deceitful and the government is playing with the people.

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