Ratha Yatra: Trinity’s chariots reach Gundicha Temple


Puri: The three chariots of the trinity, Nandighosh of Lord Jagannath, Taladhwaj of Lord Balabadhra and Darpadalan of Devi Subhadra reached the Shree Gundicha Temple on Monday afternoon.

The Taladhwaj arrived at the destination first followed by the chariots of the other two deities. Pulling of chariots resumed at 9.30 am on Monday which had to be stopped midway after sunset on the Ratha Yatra day.

As per the tradition, the procession of the chariots has to be stopped after sundown and the pulling resumes the next day.

Enthusiastic devotees resumed the pulling of the chariots of the holy Trinity on Monday. Meanwhile, two devotees were detained by police for allegedly climbing atop the Taladhwaj chariot of Lord Balabhadra during the resumed pulling of the chariot on Monday.

As a ban order has been imposed by the temple administration on climbing atop the chariots and touching deities by devotees, police detained the two at police station.

“Action will be taken against the accused if they are found to be non-servitors,” said Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) Chief Administrator Pradeep Jena.




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