Rath Yatra co-ordination meeting: Sevayats, administration continue debate


Puri: The second co-ordination meeting for Rath Yatra was held today wherein temple administration and sevayats again debated over various issues before the upcoming mega event of Lord Jagannath.

While many sevayats had skipped the first meeting on March 30 demanding Temple and district administration to resolve the Niladri Bije issue, today major representatives of the sevayats were present. Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC) AB Ota, district collector Arvind Agarwal, newly appointed chief temple Administrator Pradip Jena discussed the issues with the sevayats and Daita Nijog and other members of 36 Nijog.

The daitapatis demanded that the Niladri Bije issue be resolved which the administration promised will be looked into. meanwhile, SP Sarthak Sadangi said there will be restrictions on servitors climbing the Snana mandap during Snana Purnima and only a list of selected servitors will be allowed. Similarly, on the chariots too, only the people whose names are included in a list released by the Temple Administration will be allowed to climb during Rath Yatra.

Senior Daitapati Ramachandra Das Mohapatra said that the administration has convinced them that the Niladri Bije issue will be resolved and other issues like raw materials for rituals and chariot construction will be provided on time. “If we are given the right support by the temple administration we will also ensure to make this Rath yatra a successful event without any indiscipline or glitches,” he said.

The bridges at Samjajpur and Harekrushnapur will be repaired timely by NHAI and sanitation and health facilities in the city, specially around Shri Jagannath temple will be improved by the next meeting, RDC Ota said.

The sevayats and administration have been at logger heads since various issues during Nabakalebara and 2016 Rath Yatra.

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