Rare species of fish, Alligator Gar rescued from Bindusagar


Bhubaneswar: Snake Helpline activists rescued a rare species of fish – Alligator Gar – from Bindusagar pond here on the wee hours of Friday. The Alligator Gar fish was entangled in a net of a local fisherman who informed the Snake Helpline.

After coordinated efforts of Snake Helpline general secretary  Suvendu Mallik and Wildlife Department authorities, the rare fish was shifted to Nandankanan Zoo.

‘’This is a rare and exotic variety of fish. This is among the few breeds of fish which are pre-historic and have not undergone evolutionary changes,’’ said Assistant Director of Nandankanan Zoo KL Purohit.

The fish has been kept in a special glass enclosure which will be open for public in a couple of days. The zoo authorities are preparing an informative write-up on the Alligator Gar variety which will be displayed alongside the aquarium.

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