Rajnath Singh launches Student Police Cadet programme


New Delhi: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday launched the Student Police Cadet (SPC) programme, a countrywide initiative which aims to build a bridge between the police and young students by educating them in crime prevention and ethics through classes at school and outside, at a ceremony in Gurugram, Haryana.

Speaking on the occasion, Singh expressed hope that the SPC would lead to a silent revolution over the years by focusing on character building by imparting moral values to budding minds.

He expressed concern that education these days stressed more on mere book reading with little attention being paid towards character building of students, which shows negative effects on society in terms of increased crime.

The Home Minister said that coping with rapid modernization and cut-throat competition, schools have focused all their attention towards building careers and rising incomes, creating tremendous pressure among the young minds.

While the dawn of new technologies, internet and social media have helped our children keep pace with the changing times, it has adversely impacted our society as we witness the breakdown of the traditional family system and worrying rise in incidents of crimes and rapes, he added.

Singh said the SPC programme would help in making students responsible citizens by inculcating values of respect to the elderly, discipline, social responsibility and through police-student interaction. The Home Minister said the SPC programme will provide a healthy interface between schools and police peace and inculcate in the students aspects of public safety, discipline, patience, tolerance, empathy, respect of senior citizens, social harmony, traffic sense and a corruption-free environment.

The youth of tomorrow who emerge out of such programme would bear ethical values of social commitment and be aware of social evils such as drugs, alcohol abuse, intolerance and vandalism. He expressed confidence that this programme would result in overall development of a student’s personality and bring big change in society.

The Home Minister appealed to all stakeholders- teachers, parents, students, police and officials- to participate with enthusiasm and execute the SPC as a Mission Mode project. The SPC project will also help the police assess their image in the public eye and strive for improving confidence and winning trust of the people. SPC initially will be launched as pilot programme in all States and Union Territories.

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