Rahul Gandhi to address rally in Dharamshala today


New Delhi: After the Congress reversal in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for the first time would visit Dharamsala to address a rally on Saturday.

While addressing a rally in Almora yesterday, he has said that demonetization is economic robbery. He said Congress wants to eradicate corruption from India by supporting any step against corruption. As per sources, he especially wanted to reach out to the farmers and the labourers during the occasion.

During his address, he alleged that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi instead of listening to the farmers, has forgiven Rs1.40 lakh crore in loans to 15 rich people but not farmers. He alleged that the `suit boot ki sarkar` was in its bid to help its ‘rich friends’ snatching the rights of the poor.

He put a question to the Modi government why did he target a small proportion of black money available in the country while much of it is widely available in the international market. He informed that under NDA, one percent of Indians have 60 percent of the wealth. 99 percent Indians do not have black money. 94 percent of the black money is in Swiss Bank accounts in the form of gold and land. Just six percent of black money is in cash.

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