Quakes jolt Alaska, shatter roads, houses


Anchorage: Earthquakes measuring 7.0 and 5.7 shattered highways and rocked buildings here and the surrounding areas and panicked the people.

Locals ran helter skelter as authorities gave a tsunami warning for islands and coastal areas to the south of the city.

However, there was no tsunami, nor there were immediate reports of casualties.

The US Geological Survey said quake  was centered about 12 kilometers north of Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city.

The impact of the quake was so powerful that a  large section of an off-ramp near the Anchorage airport collapsed.

Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll said  parts of Glenn Highway, a scenic route that runs through farms, mountains and glaciers, has been completely disappeared.

Reports said the quake had broken windows, knocked items off shelves, opened cracks in a two-story, downtown building and disrupted electrical services.

Airport authorities said flights at the airport were suspended for hours after the quake knocked out telephones and forced the evacuation of the control tower.

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