Puri Rath Yatra: Axle of Darpdalan chariot replaced


Puri: Carpenters, Works Department engineers and railway engineers were engaged to fix the main axle of Devi Subhadra’s chariot (Darpdalan) which developed cracks and broke two days ago.

The Biswakarmas (traditional temple carpenters) said the axle could not bear the load of the chariot and failed. However the devotees heaved a sigh of relief after successful replacement of new axle made up of Phasi timber, considered most strong among the tree species.

The members of the Chariot Construction Committee which looks after the construction process were also present. Since the defect came to light during the final stages of chariot construction, work on war footing was on to replace the damaged axle.

Heavy duty jacks from ECoR were used to lift the front portion of the chariot while the ground surface was dug deep to remove the wheels and then the damaged axle.

After completion of chariots at the construction yard (rath khala), the Works department engineers examine the status of the chariots before issuing road worthy certificate.

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