Prove your identity or go back: Raman Singh on Assam NCR survey


New Delhi: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh on Friday fueled the ongoing National Register of Citizen (NRC) survey controversy in Assam saying that those who have come under scanner should prove their identity or go back to the country of their origin adding India is not a shelter home where outsiders will keep entering.

Extending his full support to the findings of the Assam NRC, ”Is our country a dharamshala (shelter home) that people from outside will keep on entering here,” the BJP leader questioned.

They must be deported and people have been marked for it, he added.

The findings of the Assam NRC was a ”result of the 8-year-long protest by the Assamese youth,” the Chhattisgarh CM said.

”Either the 40 lakh people should prove their identity or go back,” Raman Singh said.

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