Significant improvement in health condition of Jaga: Pratap Jena


New Delhi: Odisha Health Minister Pratap Jena today met Jaga-Kalia at All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for the first time after their operation here and inquired about their health condition.

Jena met the twins at ICU department of the hospital in the presence of Chief of Neurosciences Centre, AIIMS, Dr. Ashok Kumar Mahapatra.

“A significant improvement has been seen in the health condition of Jaga and now he is out of ventilator and recovering at a fast pace. He will be brought out of ICU to ward within three days,” said Pratap Jena after meeting the twins at AIIMS.

As Kalia has a feeds problem, he is recovering slowly but has improved good, he added.

The twin’s mother Pushpanjali Kanhara also met them for the first time after their second phase operation.

The AIIMS authorities had yesterday informed that the babies were stable and doing well. They are still in ICU and a team of 15 Consultation, 10 Resident and several Plastic Surgeons, looking after them under the supervision of Professor Ashok Kumar Mahapatra and Dr. Deepak Kumar Gupta.

The press release also revealed that Jaga is responding to commands and on Dialysis to support his compromised kidney function. Their condition is likely to improve slowly in the next 15 days and doctors expect that they will be in the ICU for 7-10 days or longer depending on the need.

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