Prasad Harichandan blamed himself for party’s failure


Bhubaneswar: After receiving a disappointing number with the completion of all the five phase of three tier panchayat polls in the state, Pradesh Congress Committee President Prasad Harichandan has blamed himself for the party’s failure.

Speaking to the media in a press conference held on Tuesday at Congress Bhavan in the city, Prasad said that both Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and Biju Janata Dal(BJD) has misused central power towards campaigning for the elections.

So also, looking on to the remarkable number of winning seats by BJP, BJD has also reacted saying that the party could gain more votes for involving national leaders in the locals elections.  BJD spokesperson Sashibhusan Behera has said that in a quite uncommon instance, BJP ahad invited chief Ministers of neighbouring states to campaign for them.

Refuting the allegations, BJP spokesperson Golk Mohapatra said that it is not due to the reason that they had invited national leaders, but it is because the people being frustrated with the ruling government now want a change and as such they has support to their party.

Speaking of inviting leaders from the neighbouring states, Mohapatra said that they have never barred any party for getting their national leaders to campaign for the elections.



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