Powerful quake of 6.7 magnitude hits northern Japan


Japan: A powerful quake of around 6.7 magnitude hit the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido about 7 km from Atsuma, early on Thursday, injuring and trapping dozens of people. The quake triggered landslides and brought down houses in the region.

At least 32 people have been reported missing while 120 sustained injuries after the earthquake.

An aftershock measuring 5.3 rocked the area a few moments later. Smaller aftershocks followed throughout the night. At least four landslides were reported after the quake.

Hokkaido Electricity department said 2.95 million homes had lost power after the quake. Hokkaido is facing a power crisis because of a fire inside the Tomato-Atsuma coal thermal plant.

Japan sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” where many of the world’s earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are recorded. In June, a deadly tremor rocked the Osaka region, killing five people and injuring over 350.

On March 11, 2011, a devastating 9.0-magnitude quake struck under the Pacific Ocean resulted in a tsunami, causing widespread damage and claiming thousands of lives.

Japan is still recovering from the worst typhoon to hit the country in 25 years, which struck the western part of the country on Tuesday, claiming at least 11 lives and causing major damage to the region’s main airport.

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