Poverty-free Odisha by 2030


Bhubaneswar: The Finance Minister Pradip Kumar Amat on Saturday placed the reports of Odisha Economic Survey  (OES) 2016-17 in the Assembly showing a reduced poverty rate in the state by 24.61%.

In the financial year 2016-17, the state is leading from other major states of the nation in terms poverty declination.

As per the survey, poverty rate reduced to 25.11 % and 20.31% points in rural and urban areas of the state respectively.

In eight years, 82 lakh people of the state were elevated from below the poverty line. In the year 2004-2005, poverty rate was 57.2% in the state but the rate got reduced to 32.59% in 2011-12.

Similarly, poverty rate declines for 30.53% in Northern, 25.40% in southern and 19.95% in coastal districts of the state.

The average literacy rate of Odisha grows to 4.6%. The yearly growth of literacy rate in the state is 2.59% whereas nationwide its 2.35%.

The per capita income of the state has been increased from Rs 47,632 in 2011-12 to Rs 61,678 in 2016-17 .

The government plans to reform Odisha as a poverty-free state by 2030 following Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

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