Police stations to have people-friendly Reception Centres


Cuttack: Perceiving the significance of reception centres (RCs) in the police stations throughout the state, Director General of Police (DGP) KB Singh has ordered the district Superintendents of Police (SPs) and Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) to make the RCs effective, efficient and people-friendly.

Singh also issued an advisory to SPs and DCPs in this regard through videoconferencing and asked them to personally oversee the matter and submit monthly reports thereon to police headquarters.

According to the instruction, the RCs will function in every police station of Odisha to provide minimum provision for grievance redressal at police station level and in case exclusive centres are unavailable, the existing infrastructure will be utilized for such purpose.

Under the supervision of concerned SP and DCP, the RCs officer-in-charge would maintain a register for keeping database of the visitors or complainants. The register would also contain the signature and contact number of the visitors.

Moreover, SPs will submit report to State police headquarters every month therein mentioning details of the person visited, purpose of their visit and action taken to resolve their grievances, said KB Singh.

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