Police atrocities against tribal will not be tolerated: Maoist letter reads


Malkangiri: Kalimela Area Committee of CPI (Maoists) released a letter on Monday that read police atrocities against tribal and Maoist families are growing by the day and will not be tolerated any more.

The letter claimed that Maoists who had surrendered in the recent past have done so due to pressure from the police and people who are inspired by the Maoist ideology will never lay down arms and will continue to fight till last.

Cowards surrender, Maoists are not cowards. There rebel is for the right of tribal. Those follow Maoism will never surrender.  Police are spreading false propaganda that Maoists are surrendering on their own. But, the fact is that the security personnel are pressurizing rebels to surrender. Police are also threatening the family members of the Naxals, the letter issued by the committee secretary Randev stated.

The letter also warned the surrendered rebels of severe punishment as they have turned against the common man.

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