PM Modi is like Gautam Buddha: Paresh Rawal


Rajkot: Actor and BJP MP Paresh Rawal while attending the “Mann Ki Baat,Chaai Ke Saath” event in Rajkot , he asked the audience whether they would like their children to become someone like “PM Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi”, he said adding that such a dynamic person like Narendra Modi can only come after much worship.

If we decide to vote on the basis of caste and creed in the state of a man who has left his family and everything like Gautam Buddha, is out to serve the country. Rawal further said, “Pray to God, remember your patron deity, visualise your parents, recall values your teachers have taught you, put your hand on your chest and then ask yourself honestly a question whether you want to make your son Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi

“Narendra Modi, then CM of Gujarat, told me in 2007 that he was out to win election on the plank of development… Then again, when I enquired with him about the agenda of the elections in 2012, he repeated that it was development. You will recall, when Indira Gandhi was trying to make a comeback through the 1980 elections, there was a slogan — ‘Indira Gandhi lao, desh bachao (elect Indira Gandhi to save the country)’. Then came Soniaji and the slogan changed to ‘Soniaji lao, Congress bachao (bring Sonia Gandhi to save Congress). Eventually came, Rahul came and it turned into ‘Alpesh, Hardik, Jignesh lao aur Rahulbhai bachao (Bring Alpesh, Hardik and Jignesh to save Rahul). But Modi’s gaze has remained firmly focused on development,” said Rawal.

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