PM Modi greets Odisha people in Odia on Raja


Bhubaneswar: The three-day long celebration of Raja Parba gained momentum on second day today with young girls, children and women playing on the rope-swings, singing folk-songs and dancing across the state with great fervor and gaiety.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today greeted the people of Odisha on the occasion. Modi took to twitter and wished people of the state.


The most important festival of Odisha, Raja festival is associated with farmers and is celebrated during the onset of monsoon marking the start of rainy season.

Each day of the festival has its own name and significance – the first day is called Pahili Rajo, second day is Mithuna Sankranti, which signifies the beginning of solar month of Mithuna i.e., the rainy season. The third day is Bhu Daaha or Basi Raja and the fourth day is called Vasumati Snana.

Raja falls on the first day of the month of ‘Asadha’ (June-July). No agricultural activities are carried on these days. As per the tradition, it is believed that Prithivi or Mother Earth goes through menstrual cycle.

Women also get a break from household work during the festival days, during which they enjoy indoor games.

Young girls and women across all classes in rural as well as urban areas of Odisha celebrate Raja with great fervor.

The festival holds special significance for girls and newly-married women. Besides putting on new attires, they enjoy the swings and munch on sweetmeat and delicacies.

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