PM lashes criticism on Pak at BRICS summit, brands it as Mothership of terrorism


Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday at the ongoing BRICS summit at Goa, branded Pakistan as the Mothership of Terrorism in the latest of pushes to gear up anti-terrorism actions in international level and strong synergic actions against terrorism.

Speaking to BRICS country heads seated on a round table Modi said, growing terrorism pose threats in Middle East, West Asia, Europe and South Asia and it undermines our efforts to push for economic growth besides putting the lives of our citizens at risks.

In our land terrorism pose a dangerous threat peace, stability, security and development. It is unfortunate that the mother-ship of terrorism is a country in our neighborhood.

“This country creates terrorists and also nurtures a mindset which loudly claims that terrorism is justified for political gains. We strongly condemn this mindset and we as BRICS need to stand together and act to fight this threat,” Modi said.

He urged the members of BRICS to adopt the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT) as early as possible. Besides he also threw light on fighting non conventional and new kind of security challenges like cyberspace, piracy, human trafficking.

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