People relish non-veg foods on Chhada Khai in State capital


Bhubaneswar: With the holy month of Kartik coming to an end on Saturday, people were seen at fish, chicken and mutton outlets across the state capital as they yearned to relish non-vegetarian foods on the occasion of Chhada Khai on Sunday after a month-long abstinence from non-veg foods.

In order to meet the surplus demand, shopkeepers of Unit-4 Market in Bhubaneswar had ordered mutton from Kolkata besides Udala, Jashipur, Soro and Baghamari in the State. Similarly, they placed orders for more chicken from Digha in West Bengal even as Pipili and nearby areas meet 80 per cent of the chicken requirements.

“Chhad Khai this year has fallen on Sunday. It is a perfect occasion to enjoy non-veg foods with family and friends. Though the prices are a bit higher in comparison to those of normal days, people still go for it,” said a resident of Bhubaneswar. “Several types of fish are available today in market in view of Chhad Khai. However, the sale is not as encouraging as people are more interested in consuming chicken and mutton,” a shopkeeper of the Unit-4 fish market said.

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