Penthapala poll fiasco : MLA’s wife decides to withdraw candidature


Bhubaneswar: Following reports of discrepancy in uncontested win of Penthapala Gram Panchayat samiti membership by Kendrapara MLA’s wife Babita Tarai leading to the transfer of the local BDO and interference of SEC into the controversy, Tarai is planning to withdraw her candidature.

As per sources, Tarai is looking to cancel her nominations from the post on grounds of morality following protests from several parties. She has been alleged to have resorted to corruption and used underhand means to get other nominees’ candidature canceled making her the only choice for the post.

Since the opposition have been ranting that the local BDO was also involved in the mess, in the meantime the election commission has ordered his transference from the area and has shouldered the responsibility of poll conduct on the hands of local Sub-collector.

Earlier Congress Spokesperson Ganeswar Behera had complained the matter to the election commission asking it to inquire into the matter. His party had questioned that on what grounds the congress nominee from the area was bypassed and Babita was made the uncontested winner.

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