Pentagon to build Trump’s US-Mexico border wall


Washington: Pentagon has authorized  $1 billion for US President Donald Trump’s much publicized US-Mexico border wall, acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan said.

According to reports, the Department of Homeland Security asked the Pentagon to build 57 miles (92 kilometers) of 18-foot (5.5-meter) fencing, build and improve roads, and install lighting to support Trump’s emergency declaration as concerns the border.

A  Pentagon statement  said Shanahan has asked the commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers to begin planning and executing the proposal at the earliest.

The statement was released hours before Shanahan was due to testify in Congress to present and defend the Pentagon’s draft budget.

Trump had declared a national emergency last month in order to bypass lawmakers to unlock $8 billion in funding of the border wall with Mexico.

The move was widely criticized Democrats and fellow Republicans who warned it was an abuse of presidential powers.

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