Parents sell newborn to pay hospital bill in Kendrapara


Kendrapara: A newborn girl was allegedly sold off by her parents for Rs. 7,500 due to lack of money to settle the hospital bill. The new born infant was sold off to a childless couple in Kendrapara district of Odisha. Anyhow, the infant’s father accused the nursing home of influencing him to sell the child.

According to reports, on August 1, Nirakar Moharana of Righagarh village under Rajanagar block had taken her pregnant wife Gitanjali to the District Headquarters Hospital, where doctors referred the patient to be admitted to the local Surya Nursing Home for delivery. Gitanjali delivered a baby girl at the clinic. However, the clinic authorities demanded that the couple pay Rs 7,500 towards medical expenses.

When the poor couple expressed their helplessness to pay the hospital bills, the nursing home staffs suggested of selling the baby girl. Finally, the baby was sold at Rs 7,500 and the buyer took away the newborn with him paying cash of only Rs 500 to Niarakar and Rs 1,000 to Gitanjali. The couple returned to their village selling their newborn girl.

After the incident came to light, the couple stated that they were bound to sell their baby due to pressure mounted on them by the clinic authorities to pay the delivery expenses. They confessed to the selling of their child out of poverty.


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