Parala Gajapati returns to Odisha, admitted to Apollo Hosp


Bhubaneswar: Paralakhemundi Gajapati Gopinath Deo has been admitted to Bhubaneswar Apollo Hospital after returning from Chennai on Friday following his recuperation.

Gajapati was shifted to Chennai based Apollo Hospital on August 16 last year for treatment of multifarious disorders taking from hypertension, fractured leg, and chest infection.

As per sources the King landed here along with his daughter Kalyani Devi and was directly shifted to city based Apollo Hospital where his treatment will continue.

Notably, Parala Maharaj was earlier scheduled to arrive on January 3 but due to his worsening condition during his transfer he was taken back to the institute from the airport.

It is to be recalled that the Gajapati was stated to be forced to house arrest by his very own personal attendant and palace manager Ananga Manjari Patra and her other siblings Tulu Patra, Sanjay Patra who were also the King’s royal estate managers.

In spite of his health frailties the King was subjugated to inhuman misdemeanor by his managers and was also barred from not visiting any other family members. They were also accused of conspiring to misappropriate the royal properties. The issue came to limelight leading to the intervention of the administration who advised the King to be shifted out of state for better health care.

Meanwhile, King’s daughter and young brother sought Chief Minister’s help to carry out a top level investigation into the issue. Following King’s transference to Chennai Ananga, her two brothers and another sister Bijaylaxmi allegedly committed suicide under mysterious condition at their house in Jangam Sahi.

A crime branch probe has been initiated into the managers’ death, properties misappropriation issue.

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