Panchayat polls : BJD fears intraparty discontentment


Bhubaneswar: In spite of popularity of BJD led by supremo Naveen Patnaik and his incumbency intraparty secret deal within neglected party candidates might prove costly for the chosen party candidates as the opposition are in a observe mode to use this opportunity to hijack its winning plan.

Multiple eligible candidatures from a single constituency has been the biggest problem for the BJD since it has a strong baseline and there are number of well deserving candidates from each poll units like zilla parishad, panchayat samittee. While some have been given party tickets others have been left out.

Those left out candidates could prove to be gamble for the BJD since analysts claim that they are very likely to form secret partnerships or contest independently to cut short the winning chances of their own party. This situation is very much under the vigilance of the opposition who are keenly watching to hijack such candidates and give them their party tickets.

BJD has started Mission Panchayat in a bid to grab more than 750 zilla parishad posts and so party leaders, ministers MLAs are bee lining before the party headquarters and Naveen Niwas.

While last time around BJD notched up 651 seats all alone out of a total 848 elected zilla parishads and congress 128, BJP 36, CPI 2, CPI (M) 1, JMM 11 and others winning 22 seats. But this time around the rules have changed. The government has reformed the system.

Since the party leaders, MLAs and Ministers have been given the responsibility to choose candidates strict orders have been issued form the party high command to ensure wins in almost all seats falling which each one will be responsible for his failure.

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