Panasonic launches washing machine with curry button


New Delhi: Panasonic has launched a customized washing machine with a “curry button” for the Indian market. The Japanese firm said it had introduced the feature based on feedback from customers who had struggled to remove stains from their clothes. The company said it also plans to launch machines with features for country-specific stains in other Asian markets.

Panasonic said its researchers had experimented with various factors, including Indian curry ingredients, water temperature and flow, for two years to devise this feature. Designed for the Indian consumer, the product includes five other cycles including one to remove traces of hair oil.

Priced at Rs 22,000, the washing machine costs 10% above its competitor’s average.

The company has disclosed that it had already sold 5,000 machines until now and that its target is to sell 30,000 machines by March 2018.

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