Padmaavat row: Karni Sena calls for Bharat Bandh on January 25


Mumbai: Padmaavat controversy don’t seems to end and now Fringe group Shri Rajput Karni Sen has called for Bharat bandh on 25th January on the day when Padmaavat is going to release.

From issuing death threats to Bhansali and Deepika, to threatening jauhar on the streets, the Karni Sena refuses to back down, and has even promised violence, if the film releases. Lokendra Singh Kalvi, Karni Sena chief, will be in Mumbai on that day to ensure that the bandh remains effective.

The members of the Rajput organization stage protest against the film in Ambala and threatened to burn down the theatres if they screen the film.

The Director of Gujarat Multiplex Association said that the theatre owners have decided not to screen the movie, as they are scared of the protest and can’t afford to bear the loss.


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