Online bill tracking system for Vendors & Contractors in Railways


New Delhi: In a significant move to enhance transparency in the processing and settlement of bills, Indian Railways have introduced a bill tracking system for contractors/vendors of Indian Railways to track the status of their bills.

The vendor/contractor need to register with the online IT platform developed in-house by CRIS, New Delhi called Indian Railways E-Procurement System (IREPS).

The registration enables the vendor/agencies to see their bill status with dates through various stages of processing of bills, the stage at which it is lying, the amount for which it is passed and other details. The history feature is also available so that a vendor can see the history of the bills submitted.

The bill tracking facility is available to the vendors/contractors of goods and services. The infirmities in the bill that need to be addressed are also visible to the vendor/contractor. The bill details are available on It has been further reiterated that all bills will be settled within 30 days of its receipt.

To facilitate the vendor, a help facility has also been added. Detailed user Manuals are uploaded on the site for easy access and are available on the learning centre link of the home page of IREPS.

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