One rare Macau loses life, only 2 left in Nandankanan


Bhubaneswar: A Blue-and-yellow Macau (male) succumbed to death in the Nandankanan Zoological Park in No. 11(A) enclosure today. The Macau was brought in a pair to Nandankanan on 11th March 1998.

As per the zoo officials, the bird died due to liver failure. According to the post mortem report, his liver was ruptured and was suffering from internal bleeding.

This Blue-and-yellow Macau was amusing & entertaining for the animal lovers for last 19 years. Now there are only two Blue-and-yellow of its species are remaining in the Zoological Park.

Due to the extinction of the rare species of this bird in India, Nandankanan administration is planning to bring in more of this species in the near future.

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