OHRC seeks report from DCP on Rishi’s death


The Orissa Human Rights Commission (OHRC) on Tuesday sought report from the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Bhubaneswar over the death of engineering student Ashutosh Mohanty alias, Rishi Mohanty.

The OHRC has directed the DCP to submit a status report on the progress of investigations on Rishi death case within three weeks.

In a petition filed by some human rights activists, it has been alleged that in the evening of May 5, 2016, Rishi was with his friends and after dinner, he vomited and lost his sense for which he was immediately shifted to the Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar for treatment, where he was declared dead on May 6 evening.

The activists not being happy with the police inquiry, has sought the interference of the Commission to get the matter investigated by its own investigating agency and take action against the erring police officers.

After seven months of the incident, fresh connections have now surfaced over the death of Rishi and a viral video clip allegedly of the Mayor of Bhubaneswar. The video clip was circulated in social media and broadcasted in different media. It is alleged that Rishi was murdered with the fear of publicity of the video clip that was in his possession.

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