Offensive remarks by Baijayant’s friend: ‘Odisha comes from Ori Shala’


Bhubaneswar: Suspended Kendrapara MP Baijayant Panda’s friend Abhijit Iyer Mitra, who recently made insulting and vulgar remarks on the world-famous Sun Temple in Konark, had already done such nuisances earlier too.

In September 2017, Iyer had made highly offensive and derogatory remarks on Odisha and Lord Jagannath. His remarks on the social media were so disgraceful that it severely hurt the sentiments of lakhs of Odia people across the world.

After expressing his sick views on Odisha and Lord Jagannath in September 2017, Iyer again made vulgar remarks on the famous art and sculptures of Odisha while going on a joy ride with the former MP Panda.

In a tweet, Iyer had written that “Lord Jagannath was actually a deity of Kolkata and the idol was stolen by ‘evil’ Kalinga demon kings.”



In another tweet, he claimed that “Odisha itself was discovered by Bengali explorers. The remarked “Ori Shala” and it was named Odisha.”

He went on to say that Jagannath temple was built by the Gagas, who were disgraced Pallava Tamil retainers. There was no such thing as Orissa, just the wild southern provinces of undivided Bengal.



These remarks clearly indicate Iyer’s sick mentality and his hatred against Odisha and Odia community. However, what is more unfortunate and condemnable that Panda himself replied to those shameful tweets, but never objected to these offensive remarks on Odisha. Rather Panda praised his friend.

Despite making such insulting and remarks, Panda brought Iyer to Odisha recently and paved the way for him to make more such offensive remarks against Odisha.

During the recent visit, Iyer while standing on the premises of world-famous Sun temple abused its arts and sculptures and termed it a Muslim conspiracy against Hindu.

On September 15, Panda took Iyer and another female friend on a joy ride over Konark in his helicopter. During the visit, Iyer termed Konark an unholy place and anti-Hindu.

Chanting ‘Jay Shree Ram’, Iyer went on to say that the statues on the walls of Konark temple are vulgar and such things would not find a place in the new Ram temple.

The offensive remarks of Panda’s friend are certainly intolerable for a true Odia. The remarks triggered uproar in the state assembly and across the state as well. Complaints were also lodged against Panda and his friends for such insulting remarks on Odisha, Odias and Lord Jagannath.

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