Odisha police issues circular to check forceful Puja Chanda collection


Bhubaneswar: In the wake of forceful collection of Chanda on various festive occasions by anti-social elements, Odisha police on Saturday issued a circular for all police stations across the state to check and take strict action against collection of donations during religious festivals.

DGP KB Singh has issued a circular to Inspector Generals, SPs and all police stations to register cases under sections 384/386/387392/394 and 395 of the IPC depending on the gravity of offence against those who collect donations forcefully.

It has instructed to file extortion cases against the person or any club resorting to collect Chanda forcibly and intensify patrolling to check the ill practice.

Meanwhile, the Twin City police commissionerate has also decided to adopt a zero tolerance policy against forceful collection of puja donation.


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