Odisha girl rescued from Rajasthan refuses to return to state


Bhubaneswar: The minor girl from Odisha who was rescued from Rajasthan by the officials of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) a few days ago, has reportedly refused to return to her native place.

According to sources, a team of Odisha Police and District Child Protection Officer (DCPO) had gone to Delhi to bring the girl back to Odisha.

However, the girl and her father refused to come back to their home state despite assurances from district administration on legal steps for the safety and security of the girl and her family members.

Following this, the Delhi Child Welfare Committee (CWC) has reportedly made arrangements for the settlement of the duo at a shelter home in Jharkhand.

The victim, resident of Lathikata area in the Steel City was allegedly sold by her relatives for Rs 4 lakh to Pawan Agarwal and Kisan Agarwal of Rajasthan two years ago. She was then forced to marry a 40-year-old man who had raped her several times.

After the victim’s father approached the DCW, the minor was rescued from Jhunjhunu area of Rajasthan.

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