Odisha-based innovators make eco-friendly pens to germinate plants


Bhubaneswar: Keeping in mind the growing concerns of the usage of plastic and its detrimental impact on the environment, Odisha’s Prem Panday and MD Ahmad Raza have innovated eco-friendly pens which will help the environment to germinate those used pens into a plants.

Two Bhubaneswar-based innovators, Panday, and Raza have produced eco-friendly use and throw pens from newspapers, vegetables, fruit and flower seeds.

The pens are provided in two variants – one consists of vegetable, fruit and flower seeds in it which can regenerate into plants after being thrown, while the other is made without seeds. The variants have been priced at Rs 5 and Rs 7, respectively.

Unlike regular use and throw pens, people can discard these pens in a pot or soil. Later, these will germinate into plants within weeks.

They have not only received good reviews from India but also from Germany and Australia for their initiatives.

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