No traces of bird flu in Keranga


Bhubaneswar: The supposed bird flu afflicted Keranga area of Khurda district has been found to be free of the avian virus, the final laboratory reports confirmed.

As per sources, swabs and blood reports of fowls sent to Bhopal laboratory were proved to be free from the deadly virus. As many as 13 chicks blood serum, 17 tracheal swab and 17 other cloacal swabs were tested to be negative while 3 serums of ducks also proved to be free from the avian virus.

An interim report of the samples was released on December 25 which had stressed that the birds were infected with the H5N1 virus but later the final reports have confirmed that there are no traces of the disease as of now.

It is worthwhile to mention here that, after reports of dead birds including crows were spotted in the rural area and its nearby localities during the last week of December the administration geared up to battle out the menace by culling large amount of poultry. Vaccination and a special task force were constituted for the purpose.

A state wide alert was also sounded as similar scenes of dead birds were also seen in various other parts of state including Keonjhar, Rourkela.

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