No parking place, no car


New Delhi: Before buying a new car, first find a parking place or else your new vehicle may not be registered. The Centre is mulling to bring a new rule which would make it mandatory to produce proof for parking place.

The registration of vehicles is done by state transport departments, but the parking issue is dealt with by the municipal bodies. If proof of parking space is not produced then the vehicle will not be registered, said Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu.

The Urban Development Ministry has been discussing with Transport Ministry regarding the new rule and it will be implemented soon, said Venkaiah.

Notably, it has been seen that there is a major space crunch in large cities. People buy cars but have no parking space. Eventually, they park on the roads which leads to various traffic and other issues.

Likewise, very soon the government will come up with a rule that will allow any construction only if there is proper arrangement for toilets, said Naidu.

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