No government jobs, benefits if you have more than two children in Assam


Dispur: The Assam government on Sunday came out with a draft of its population policy in which it proposes to prevent people with more than two children from working in government jobs. The state government has also proposed to prevent people with a history of child marriage from entering service.

Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma that it is a draft population policy. During a press conference, he has said that they have suggested that people having more than two children will not be eligible for any government job. Further he also added that any person engaged in government service will have to follow this rule till the end of his tenure.

Sources said, the two children norm will also be applicable if a person wants to avail of tractors, homes and other government benefits. Besides, all elections such as panchayats, municipal bodies and autonomous councils held under the State Election Commission will make this norm mandatory for candidates.

Sarma, who is also the education minister, said that he wanted to give free education to all girls up to the university level.

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