No ambulance: Tribal woman delivers on roadside in Rayagada


Rayagada: A tribal woman delivered a child on roadside at Nuasahi under Kalyansinghpur block in Rayagada district on Thursday after ambulance failed to reach to take her to hospital.

The woman, Nilai Kadraka of Tamaksila village had labour pain late last night. As thunderstorm lashed the area, she groaned in pain till morning. Her husband Baka Kadraka and some relatives carried the pregnant woman on a sling to Jambapadar village covering a distance of 3 km. On reaching, her husband called 108 and 102 ambulances to take her to the Kalyansinghpur CHC. However, all went in vain when he did not get any reply from the staff of the emergency service.

Finding no other option, Kadraka’s family members carried her on the sling for about another 10 km. On her way to the hospital, Nilai delivered a baby girl on the roadside.

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