New bill in Lok Sabha to limit the number of guests and amount of food served at weddings


New Delhi: A Bill seeking to limit the number of guests that can be invited to an Indian wedding has been introduced in the Lok Sabha by Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan. The Bill could be taken up as a private member’s Bill in the next Lok Sabha session.

The Marriages (Compulsory Registration and Prevention of Wasteful Expenditure) Bill, 2016, proposes that families that spend more than Rs 5 lakh for a wedding must declare the amount and contribute 10% of it to a welfare fund that will be established by the government. As per the bill, this contribution will be used to help families who live below the poverty line pay for their daughter’s weddings.

The bill further states that the government may specify the number of guests and relatives, and the number of dishes served to the guests during the ceremony or at the reception after, so that wastage of food items is avoided.

Ranjan said the fashion of spending lavishly is growing in the country. Marriages have become more about showing off one’s wealth, as a result of which the poor feel that they are under social pressure to spend more.

Ranjeet Ranjan is the wife of Rajesh Ranjan, better known as Pappu Yadav.


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