Netaji’s museum yet to be national memorial!


Cuttack: The historic museum created  in place of  birth of India’s most notable fearless freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose still deludes to be a national memorial even as decades have passed since Netaji became a legend.

The state government has converted Odia Bazaar based Netaji’s birthplace into a museum and is home to some of the most valuable and rare antiques belonging to his life and revolutionary work.   Rare photos, letters, apparel, swords used by Netaji himself have been placed inside the museum.

The amount of attention that both the state and Central Government should have shown towards upliftment of the museum into a national memorial is still very disheartening.

The site generally does not attract many visitors with only 150 to 200 people come on a daily basis. In spite of that most people prefer for the maritime museum at Jobra area.

The reason is that big vehicles are not able to come up to the site. In the meantime the light and sound system has also been inaugurated since last three years but it also does not run regullary making the museum unattractive for the visitors.

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