Naveen asks bureaucrats to take state to next level of governance


Bhubaneswar: Launching the Vision Odisha, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today asked the state bureaucracy to take bold decisions to assure all kind of support to people in the state.

The CM urged Team Odisha to take the state to the next level of governance and said it should be a modern, empowered, progressive new Odisha.

Addressing the Team Odisha Patnaik said, “While the country has acknowledged what we have achieved in certain sectors, be it poverty reduction, reduction of IMR and MMR, ease of doing business, providing rural housing and road connectivity to increase farmers’ incomes and agricultural production, women empowerment, I fully understand that we need to do much more and put Odisha in a place where other states will look up to us”.

He said the recognition of Best Administrator in the country is a reflection of the relentless hard work and dedication of Team Odisha.

“It’s not a mean achievement for a state which suffers from several natural disasters year after year with not much support from successive Central Governments. In spite of this thanks to the resilience of the people of Odisha, we have overcome many odds and reached here,” the Chief Minister added.

“Our focus on the 3Ts- team work, transparency and technology is well tested to bring about transformation. All of you must provide adequate leadership to your team where each member will work without fear, deliver the schemes and programmes without favour,” he said to officers.

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